Plenary Speakers

The Organising Committee of the Conference is honoured to confirm the holding of different plenary sessions by renowned international experts. The different sessions will be published on the Virtual Platform of the Congress and will be available to all participants during the days of the Conference.

Fostering academic dialogue

Participants can access the summary and title of the different plenary conferences by clicking on the profile of each of the speakers available below in this section.

Previously, and until September 15, 2020, it will be possible to send questions(*) to the different plenary speakers through the following form. Several of these questions will be selected to be answered by the plenary speakers in their interventions.

(*) Only those questions asked by participants who have correctly registered and paid the conference fees will be processed.

Prof. Ofelia García

City University of New York (USA)

Prof. Ricardo Otheguy

City University of New York (USA)

Prof. Do Coyle

University of Edinburgh (UK)

Prof. Vicent Martines Peres

Universidad de Alicante (Spain)

Prof. Rosabel Roig Vila

Universidad de Alicante (Spain)


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