A new edition. Now online.

Due to the Global Pandemic by COVID-19, the International Conference on Bilingual Education will hold its sixth edition online. We offer all the details about it below.

Modalities for participation

We wanted to maintain the essence of the traditional format of past editions, adapting the structure as much as possible to online participation. Participants will be able to interact with the speakers through discussion forums in which they can ask questions and facilitate scientific dialogue.


Results of research and teaching practices in multimedia format.


2 to 3 participants generating debate around a topic.


Results of research and teaching practices in text format.


Development and presentation of training proposals for Bilingual Education



Humanity is going through difficult times due to COVID-19 pandemics that is inevitably changing our plans and, above all, our modus vivendi. In order to be able to continue (to a greater or lesser extent) with the initial planning of our work, the Organizing Committee of the 6th International Conference on Bilingual Education (28th-30th October 2020) will be held in virtual modality, so that we can safeguard the health and safety of all participants, allowing it us to keep in touch, share our work and, above all, bring a touch of ‘normality’ to those activities that make us grow as people.

We are sure that the VII Bilingual Education Congress will be held in 2021 (as it has been so far) in a face-to-face way, and we will have again the opportunity to enjoy the workshops, seminars, lectures and plenary sessions live. Until then, receive a hug from Córdoba, where we will always be waiting for you with a big smile and a big hug.

Plenary speakers

The Organising Committee of the Conference is honoured to confirm the holding of different plenary sessions by renowned international experts. The different sessions will be published on the Virtual Platform of the Congress and will be available to all participants during the days of the Conference.

Profa. Ofelia García

City University of New York (USA)

Prof. Ricardo Otheguy

City University of New York (USA)

Profa. Do Coyle

University of Edinburgh (UK)

Prof. Vicent Martines Peres

Universidad de Alicante (España)

Profa. Rosabel Roig Vila

Universidad de Alicante (España)

Fostering academic dialogue

Participants can access the summary and title of the different plenary conferences by clicking on the profile of each of the speakers available below in this section.

Previously, and until September 15, 2020, it will be possible to send questions(*) to the different plenary speakers through the following form. Several of these questions will be selected to be answered by the plenary speakers in their interventions.

(*) Only those questions asked by participants who have correctly registered and paid the conference fees will be processed.


We provide you with all the information about the registration procedure and the requirements for participation in the Conference.