4th International Conference on Bilingual Education


Participants must make the payment of the registration fee by bank transfer, indicating their full name as the reason for payment. Registration Fees are listed below.

Registration Form

All authors/participants are required to complete the Online Registration Form, available at the end of this section, providing your personal information and other useful details of your participation at the Conference.

Receipt of payment

When completing the Online Registration Form, please do not forget to attach, the proof of payment and any additional documentation that may have been provided.

Registration Fees

The participation rates for the 4th International Conference on Bilingual Education are detailed below:



  • Registration Deadline
  • Publication of Papers


(Early Bird)



  • Registration Deadline
  • Publication of Papers

Participants (Students)


  • Registration Deadline
  • Publication of Papers



  • Registration Deadline

Attendees (Students)

  • Registration Deadline


  1. Participants in Symposia or those who present papers must be registered within a maximum period of 15 days once the abstract of their presentation is accepted. You can check the dates by the ‘General information’ section of this website.
  2. The coordinator of symposia does not need to pay for their registration; however, it is compulsory that all the rest of participants in the Symposia are registered: 120€ (Early Bird); 150€ (Normal Registration).
  3. The Registration Fee as Participant for University Students (Degree and Postgraduate) will be 70€. Registration fee as Attendee for Students (Graduate and Undergraduate Programs) will be 10€.
  4. University Students (Degree and Postgraduate) interested on participating as Participant or Attendee must prove their status by submitting, together with the payment receipt, a copy of their tuition fees for the academic year. The documentation must be submitted through the Registration Form.

Registration Procedure

Those interested in participating in the 4th International Conference on Bilingual Education will be able to register
by following the procedure described below:

1. Make the Payment



Make the payment for the registration fee by Bank Transfer, indicating as concept your full name.

To ensure the correct processing of your registration, please send the total amount of your registration fee for International Money Transfers (International Payments). Money-transfer charges must be paid by the sender (Participant on the Conference). We cannot confirm any registration without the reception of the full fee.

The registration fee must be paid into the following bank account:

Bank Name: Banco Santander Central Hispano
Bank Branch Address: Avd. Gran Capitán, 8 (14001) Córdoba, Spain
Account Number: 0049 2420 31 2714626725
Bank Account Holder Name: Universidad de Córdoba
IBAN Code: ES77 0049 2420 3127 1462 6725
Concept: Full name of the participant


Important Note: It is mandatory to send the payment receipt through the Registration Form in order to verify the correct receipt of the payment and formalize your registration.

2. Fill the Registration Form



Fill the Registration Form available below this section.

Participants who need an invoice corresponding to the payment of registration fees must indicate it through the Registration Form. The invoice will be delivered together with the certificates during the Conference.

3. Attach the Payment Receipt



Attach the Proof of Payment of the participation fee as well as any additional documentation required through the Registration Form.

 Important Information: University students (Degree and Postgraduate) must prove their status by submitting, along with proof of payment, a copy of their tuition fees for the academic year. They must include all the supporting documentation through the Registration Form.

Registration Form

You can register at the 4th International Conference on Bilingual Education by completing the following Registration Form. Please, do not forget to attach the requested documentation following the indications previously described in this section. Once the reception of the payment has been confirmed, a member of the Organising Committee will send you an email to confirm that the process has been completed correctly.


SIELE – Certificación de Español – Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española

Cabildo Catedral de Córdoba
Cátedra Intercultural “Córdoba Ciudad de Encuentro” de la Universidad de Córdoba

Cambridge Assesment English
Oxford CLIL
Santillana Richmond